Who are we?

The Hazbide Association

“The Hazbide association for children and young people development” is a non-profit civil association declared of public interest. It’s the promoter and legal owner of the Artizar Project.

The association itself is composed of several entities: Bizkaia Cáritas, La Salle, Sestao church and Hijas de la Cruz-Hermanas de San Andrés.

It mainly aims for comprehensive personal and social skills development of the children and joung people who are vulnerable or in risk of social exclusion.

The team

The human team of Artizar Project is based on enthusiastic volunteers who enable children to have what they need. A team of three hired professionals lead, encourage and work with the volunteers

The way we work

  • Comprehensive and preventive work.
  • Accompain and advise when family and personal matters.
  • Individualized attention.
  • In close cooperation with other comunity resources in order to global attention of needs.
  • People are the main role of their own formation process based on own skills.
  • Wholehearted support.
  • Respect and confidentiality.
  • No matter what is your cultural or religious awareness, you’re welcome to the project.