The Artizar project

What is Artizar?

Artizar is a social and educational project focused on working with children and young people who live in hard circumstances to their well personal development. The proyect aims to improve their personal, social, emotional and family skills.

Our project Mission, Vision, Values

Download here “Mission, Vision, Values” document 

Where is it?

Artizar is located on Sestao a town in the left riverbank of Bizkaia’s ria (Basque Country-Spain), and in the deprived neighbourhoods of the town to be precise.

What we do

Artizar focuses its action in the children and joung people and their enviroment of socialization: family, school, equals and neighborhood.

Everyday work take place out-of-school.

These are somo of our activities:

  • Provide academic support to children: do the homework, extra motivation and basic tools an resources for learning competences adquisition.
  • Games, crafts and social skills development.
  • Excursions and short stays out of Sestao.
  • Activities to take care of children’s and their family’s fisical and psychological welfare: meeting spaces and derivation to other social and psychological resources.
  • Support and guidance to families: training sessions, advise on educational and social matters affecting the children, family behavior monitoring, help with everyday formalities and resources searching like money, housing, job etc…
  • Coordination with school: monitoring school progress and family mediation tasks.